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Taking a Break

Taking a Break

There is so much going on personally that I am taking a little break here until June 1, 2021. Just on the blog here at God, fitness, and Mental Illness. I WILL be back and when I do there will be so much going on. On June 1, 2021 you will find a $1000 giveaway…

What is the Freeze Response?
Mental Illness

What is the Freeze Response?

Most of us already know and understand the fight or flight response that we experience when we perceive a threat. Regardless of whether that thread is real or imagined our body gets a surge of adrenaline making our hearts beat faster. I always thought mine was broken but it’s not. I experience a freeze response.


I’m so happy you’re here!

I have mental illness! Add in my struggles with both my faith and fitness and you have a hot mess. Life isn’t about sunshine and roses and my hot mess is one I fought hard to achieve. Join me on this journey.

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welcome to god fitness & mental illness

Struggling with mental illness is difficult enough. Add in struggling with weight and fitness not to mention with faith and you can easily slip through the cracks.

I did for a number of years. In fact, it took nearly ending it all before any help was received. After that I hid behind the laughter and and smiles for years. Still do sometimes.

That’s why I write here. I share my struggles and story openly in the hopes someone who needs to hear it will.