• Fitness

    Maybe Next Summer

    I had planned for this summer to be the summer that I bought a bathing suit in a smaller size. That I walked the track with my brother and didn’t get winded. That I did it finally! It wasn’t, not even a little bit. Well that’s not entirely true. I did do some things that I hadn’t planned on nor were they things I would have done in the past.

  • Other

    Grand Launch + Giveaway

    I am so thrilled that y’all are here for the big grand launch of this blog. Yes, i have writing here for a couple of months. Mostly I have been writing posts and getting some things ready so that when I did make the big announcement I would be ready. You wouldn’t head over and just one or two posts. This is a blog that I am so proud of for so many different reasons. The biggest being that it is open and honest about the struggles I have with the three biggest influences in my life; God, Fitness and my own Mental Illness.

  • Mental Illness

    My Mental Health Goals

    Just like with any other part of my life I have goals for my mental health. Goals that aren’t always easy to achieve but I set them none the less. They are more overall goals rather than year resolutions or anything of that nature.

  • Fitness

    My Epic Meal Plan Failure

    I know y’all have heard of meal planning. I thought I would give it a try in a effort to lose weight and get my eating under control. I figured it would make things flow a little easier around the house as well. I mean we would know what we were eating on which day. Sounds fabulous right?

  • God

    Is God Mad at Me?

    I cannot tell you how many times I have asked myself that very question. There are moments when it appears as though he is. For me, this is one of my biggest struggles of faith. I have a hard time when things seems to go horribly. I always fall back on the God is angry at me mentality. Some days it is difficult to remember that God gets angry at sin and not me. It is easy for us to fall into this pattern. I have heard plenty of people over the years say whatever was happening was God’s punishment for their sins. Maybe their prayers weren’t answered because God…