3 Tips For Reducing Daily Stress & Emotional Eating Responses

One of the key triggers to emotional eating is my daily stress. Stress that comes a variety of factors, including some of which I never consider. Anytime I have and notice an increased amount of stress, I notice that the amount of my emotional eating moments increase. When I notice all of that I do attempt to work harder on reducing the core cause of the stressors in my life. I thought I would share three of the tips that I use to locate the source of my daily stress, reducing that stress at the core, and in turn reducing the amount of emotional eating responses I am having.

Start a Routine

This is one of the biggest ways I have reduced my daily stress which in turn reduces my emotional eating responses. Now, that doesn’t mean that I schedule everything in my life and there are plenty of times my routine gets thrown out the window. What I have is a routine for small aspects of my life and am working up from there. For example, I wake up at the same time every morning regardless of what I have going on. It makes things easier to get stuff done on the days I am working or have to leave the house. It also means I am on top of things such as cleaning on the days I don’t have much to do.

Another thing I do is throw a load of laundry into the washer as soon as I get up. It means that while I am going through my morning routine the laundry is washing and I can toss it into the dryer right before breakfast. I hate doing laundry and will put it off if I can. Doing it this way means less stress. I run the dishwasher before I go to bed so when I begin making breakfast I can unload it. Having this routine means getting all the little things done while working on the bigger things. I don’t have to worry about the ton of laundry there is to do all in one day. By doing a load or two each morning I can move through it quickly. It also means a lot of my cleaning and tidying is done before noon each day. Having a daily routine that I do everyday and am used to means stress triggers, like the laundry, are reduced.

Technology Disconnect

I will that this one was difficult for me. Technology can be a huge stress trigger for many people, even me. I didn’t think that it was until I noticed my eating getting out of control. My phone is set-up to notify me of upcoming events, appointments, and bills. Not to mention all of the notifications of things going on with friends and others social media accounts. It is a constant attachment that can sometimes lead to stressing over bills, upcoming appointments, and drama in friends lives.

In an effort to reduce the stress, I disconnect from my technology for at least one hour. I actually turn off my phone and leave it on a charger in another room. I have a landline number that anyone who would need to get in touch with me would be able to. I do things like take a walk or play with the kids. Anything that means staying away from technology. I use it as a way to get everyone in the house away from the television as well. At night I have my cell on do not disturb between certain hours. It gives me a chance to wind down for the day.

Simplify Your Work

I will admit that my work schedule and routine can be a huge source of stress. Especially because I am a freelancer as I am responsible for doing so much. I have learned little things like not making my daily todo list not so huge. I also take a few minutes first thing in the morning to go through my emails. I skim through them and put the email into my Today folder so I can address it later, trash it, or file it into it’s proper folder. That way I can sit down a little later when I’m ready and deal with everything in my Today folder. I also don’t leave my email or social media open while I am working. It means I can’t be distracted which will lead to all sorts of stress when I have to spend half the night on the computer trying to get the day’s work done. You have to work on things that stress you at the end of the day first, then move through the day.


These methods will help you organize your daily life, work life, and emotional well-being to reduce overall stress just as they have helped me. Once these areas are taken care of and sorted out, you will start to see a reduction in stress and a subsequent reduction in emotional eating.

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