5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

I will say that I felt weird typing that title. I feel as though I have been working forever to reduce the smallest amount of anxiety. Anxiety is the witch of all witches in my option. My depression snuck up on me but I could feel the slight change in myself when it was happening. I just didn’t know what it was.

Anxiety has been my partner for as long as I can remember. Again, I didn’t realize that it was anxiety. Nor did I realize it wasn’t normal. Even as a child I felt the pull of anxiety. I worried about things that most people who let just roll off them.

I have been finding little ways to help myself get through my anxiety for a while now. Sometimes these things and sometimes they don’t. The list of the five things below are the things that work the most for me at any given time.


This is a big one. Taking the time to get out of the house and possibly away from what is causing my anxiety helps so much. I take a walk or just go to the the little park in town and sit there. The fresh has a calming effect on me that helps. It is one of the biggest reasons I start each day by sitting out on the porch having my tea.


I have one of these to help me when I have trouble sleeping. I discovered by chance that it helped me with my anxiety. If I feel a big attack coming on, I will go into my room and lay down while listening to the water in a brook or the rain on a roof. I love those two sounds and it will calm me down enough to function.


For me this is Ms. Marple. There is something so soothing about her and I really enjoy the television show. I watch it on Acorn or Britbox. I watch and episode or two even if I have seen them a thousand times. I always feel better at the end of a episode or two. Sometimes a whole weekend. Life seems simpler on those shows even though they are solving mysteries.


Turner, the family labradoodle is simply the best. He is older and will just curl up and lay with you anytime you need it. While that is wonderful. Sable will go outside and play with you. She’s younger and willing to run around the yard all day if you will let her.


Like playing with the dog, playing and spending time with the kids helps remind me that things aren’t that bad. Even if it is just for a few minutes I am a child again myself. The best afternoon I can remember playing with kids (mine included) was an afternoon my youngest brother and I spent playing with our niece.

This was way back before either of us had families or anything. We were babysitting and attempting to put together a swing our parents had bought for the grandchildren at their house. We took everything out of the box and spent hours playing with that stupid box. It is an afternoon both he and I remember well.

Our father was sick and dying, life just wasn’t going well. Yet, autumn had set in and we were outside just playing. In fact, our father had called and said we better not be playing with instead of putting the swing together. He wanted it done when he got out of the hospital.

Taking the time to acknowledge your anxiety and then taking steps to alleviate it is important. You can’t let it rule your life, although it will certainly try. If nothing else stop, take a moment, and just breathe. Remember things will get easier.


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