5th Annual Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop

It is that time of the year again and I will tell you that I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing hop. Of course  I need to offer my thanks to The Mommy Island, and  The Kids Did It for hosting this hop. Since the holiday is quickly approaching I thought I would do something a little here.

This year we are doing things a little differently but to me this particular holiday season is much more important. With everything that is going on in the world it is so important to me that I make sure my family knows how much we have to be thankful for.

There are so many people going through this holiday season after having lost someone they love. Some are going through while in the hospital. I have been there in both of those places. Not during a pandemic but I know how difficult it is that first holiday after you lose someone as well as how it is to be sick during the holidays.

I won’t give the same old things that you have heard a dozen times at this point. It’s difficult and even that is putting it lightly. That first Christmas after my dad passed away my younger brother and I spent it together while our mother spent it at the cemetery. She refused to spend it without him and sat there from the time it opened until it closed that day. It will get better even if it doesn’t feel as though it will.

If this year you need to not decorate or celebrate then don’t. It won’t be the end of the world. Remember you aren’t alone, the entire world is with you. We all feel your pain and I for one can say you are in my prayers. My sister in-law sent me an article about the Christmas Star this year and if you can, go out and see it. Some people believe this phenomenon could be the one the magi saw that led them to the baby Jesus. I don’t know but I like the idea of that and the hope it brings.




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  1. I’ve never been one to get excited about the holidays, but this year the lights and decorations really bring me so much joy.

  2. I wasn’t feel too great about the upcoming holidays but had a change of heart. It makes things more brighter thinking of Christmas approaching. It has been stressful working at the hospital this year!

  3. We always have a low-key holiday because it’s just me and my husband. I don’t buy presents for anyone because I don’t like shopping and I’ve told family not to buy us things. So overall, I’m looking forward to it as normal.

  4. We are hanging at home this year, we usually make the rounds to my parents and in-laws but this year it’ll be super low key!

  5. We will have a quiet and low key Christmas with just the people in our immediate family bubble. I am thinking about the quiet joy of simple pleasures.

  6. I’m sad that things will be so different this Christmas. I hope that everyone can stay safe and healthy through the holidays!

  7. Just trying to stay alive this year, 2020 has been the worst year in my whole life, I hope 2021 is way much better.

  8. I don’t get holiday blues no matter what, so I’m feeling fine about them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. We have a small family, so there’s not much that will be different. A little less socializing, but more energy going into baking and decorating.

  10. I’m looking forward to the Christmas season, but I’m sad that I won’t be spending it with my extended family

  11. I’m a little stressed, a little sad, but mostly I’m looking forward to it. It will be different to what I’m used to but I think it will be nice.

  12. I am not the least bit excited for Christmas this year. Don’t even know if I will bother baking cookies because I won’t see the ones I love.

  13. I do miss seeing my family, but to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying staying home. It’s so much less stressful. Although, I can’t wait to see everyone next year…at least I hope so!

  14. I’m pretty neutral about the holidays this year… some things will be the same since my immediate family and I are lucky enough to be healthy as of now and able to see each other. However, it is clearly just not the same as a whole which is sad.

  15. I am feeling happy about Christmas as my Granddaughter who is 21 months old ,will really enjoy it but I am sad as I won’t get to see my sisters as they live overseas & our border is closed in New Zealand.

  16. I like to decorate for Christmas early, but since we are moving soon, the decorations are all packed away. So, I’m not really in the holiday spirit just yet.. hopefully, I will be excited and feeling very “Christmasy” soon! haha

  17. I’m feeling a little sad about the upcoming holiday. My child graduated from college in May and doesn’t have a month off to spend with us! Plus they are coming home BETWEEN Christmas and New Years! Not on Christmas eve or even Christmas day.

  18. I am excited as it is a bright spot to look forward to but also a little sad we will not be spending it with our extended family as usual.

  19. Just moved to another province.Hoping to be able to feel blessed and that the wishes in my heart will come true.

  20. Christmas will suck this year. The person I spent it with died last February very unexpectedly. So, it’ll be just me and the cat as I don’t have any family or really close friends left.

  21. I really don’t celebrate holidays. I am disabled with no help so it doesn’t ever feel like a holiday to me.

  22. I’ll be home alone this year which is a bit sad, but could also be refreshing in a way as long as I can visit with family again next year.

  23. For years I have problems with this time of year. So I’m trying to look at it differently this year because of Covid. I managed to get two small trees up, not yet decorated and I plan on doing a lot of baking.

  24. I’m having a difficult time finding my Christmas spirit this year. I’m hopeful for a good holiday. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  25. This year will be a little sad and difficult not being able to get together with the family and friends. We all have to try to stay safe and not spread the virus to the ones we love so once this is over and we have the vaccine we can all enjoy many holidays and vacations in the years to come.

  26. I feel okay about this coming holiday. The only thing that I wish was different was that I could spend it with my deceased father. But I think that it is going to be a decent holiday since I will have my children with me Christmas Eve this year due to our custody agreement.

  27. I am looking forward to Christmas. It will be a very quiet Holiday for us this year but it is still a fun diversion from everything that has been going on.

  28. This holiday will be quieter for sure, but it might also be less stressful without all the hosting. I’m feeling hopeful for the season.

  29. This year has been special in so many ways, lol, I was not really feeling in the mood of anything but I have been feeling much better. No travel to see family so that sucks but this whole year has been pretty much cancelled, if you were following the rules, you have been isolated since february. I miss giving hugs, but I hope people can be smart and be reminded of the bigger picture. Stay safe, Happy Holidays !

  30. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’m feeling a little sad about it this year. With the pandemic, I probably won’t see my family for our big family dinner. Then unfortunately, we lost my grandmother in October and we also lost my mother in law in June. So the holidays will be different for us this year.

  31. I always look forward to the holidays. This year everything seems a little different but I’m trying to enjoy the extra down time to spend with family.

  32. We went all out with decorating and getting in the spirit this year. It’s going to be different without as much family visiting

  33. I am sad that we won’t all be under the same roof to celebrate Christmas together. Our daughter, husband and her 2 step children are recovering from the virus. Can’t wait until I can hug her again!

  34. I am frustrated that I cannot be with my parents due to COVID risk. In addition our finances have been hit hard by the pandemic, so there will be no gifts. It is sad. But also a good reminder of what the season should be about, and being joyful even when things are as you had wished.

  35. My favorite tradition for the last 25 years has been spending Christmas evening with friends and having a big dinner and a white elephant exchange. But not this year.
    Thanks for the contest.

  36. I’m a little sad about missing Christmas Eve with all my siblings, but we will do something fun when it is safe for everyone

  37. It’s not what I expected. But I’m looking forward to my small Christmas. Luckily everyone I know is healthy and their is always Zoom.

  38. I’m excited for some aspects – like giving people their gifts. It’ll be a weird one though, so we’ll see!

  39. My family lives in another province so we would not be getting together this year anyway but I am sad about what has gone on this year.

  40. This year I have mixed feelings about the holidays. I want to carry on as usual but nothing is quite the same. I think we are all just hoping next year will be happier.

  41. I am somewhat thankful to be staying home this year for the holidays. It was a needed break of usual holiday stress, and I am hoping next year will be much better than horrible 2020 was.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  42. I’m staying home this year it’s kind of like another day cause I have already put on weight and I’m not wanting to do no big eating. I may try to mail out some gifts but otherwise just chilling out.

  43. I am looking forward to the festive cheer/atmosphere, but still it won’t be the same. I think I’m more so looking forward to the new year in hopes of a better one.

  44. This holiday season has been tough this year as we had a rough fall season leading up to it. With medical issues and financial strains we are looking forward to a light at the end of this year’s tunnel.

  45. I cannot fly to spend the holidays with my family this year. I’m trying to focus on gratitude instead of being a Scrooge. LOL

  46. I’m looking forward to it. We normally have a big extended family gathering but this year it will just be my husband and I and his mom and dad. We will play cards and make it a great evening 🙂

  47. I think this year will be a tad different than others …we won’t have all the family together because of co-vid….be a bit sad….thankfully we have Skype and Zoom

  48. We have been having only our family at Christmas so it’s good. We will Zoom family and friends to share holiday wishes.

  49. I’m definitely disappointed that I don’t get to be with my family but I’m staying positive and we will FaceTiming

  50. I’m trying to make Christmas as special as possible for my daughter, although not being able to see family like usual is pretty hard.

  51. I am looking forward to spending time with my family even if we are all in masks and obsessively washing our hands

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