Falling Down on the Job

Falling Down on the Job - GFMI

That is the understatement of the year but how I have felt for the last few months. it is one of the biggest reasons I decided to take a little bit of a break and work on things behind the scenes. I felt that if I didn’t have the deadlines looming I could get more done. At least here I could. You know what? It worked too. I managed to do more here in two days than I did in an entire month with deadlines.

I have no idea why other than the fact that I could work on things when I found the time. Surprisingly I found the time. I did most all of the new branding, colors, theme, etc in one afternoon. Just a few hours. Then I walked away and came back to it later whenever I felt like I could. Like I said I ended up doing it all in a few days. That just left the posts and updating older posts. I told myself that I would work on them when I found the time.

I spent a full Saturday after that writing posts. Figuring I would just draft them and come back. In the end I wrote six months worth of posts. All I have to do is get a bunch of them edited, decide if I am keeping any of them. I know there are most likely a post or two that will end up in the trash.

My biggest point behind this post is to point out that sometimes it is the deadlines (real or imagined) that create stress in our lives. The “if I don’t do this I’m a failure” that cause us to fail. I know that it one of the biggest reasons I fail at some things. Honestly it may be the reasons I fail at a lot of the things in my life. I create a deadline that I logically know I will never be able to meet. Then I fail and berate myself to the point of falling into the abyss of my depression. I am a failure. At least by the not meeting the deadline standard.

Deadlines that clients or partnerships have set I have no problem meeting ever. It is only my deadlines that I can’t meet. There has to be a larger meaning behind it and I will make sure to bring it up with my therapist the next time I have an appointment.

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  1. I definitely relate to self-imposed deadlines giving me stress and anxiety. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and acknowledge that my deadline is arbitrary (if it is) and know that it’s OK if I don’t get it finished by the deadline I set. I didn’t use to have this issue – it’s only been in recent years. It certainly causes me a lot of anxiety too – which is frustrating. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. Working from home this year, I’ve had some lack of motivation at times while working. I find that changing up my routine helps me get my motivation back.

  3. I often feel that way but spending time with my two year old Granddaughter makes me take stock, smile & get on with things.

  4. I definitely feel that way a lot. I try to listen to music that makes me happy as well as spending time with my mother

  5. Thank you so much for the chance to be entered in this giveaway! I often felt like this before when I was working, but spending time with family always helps. Have a great weekend!

  6. Taking a break helps. Even if it is just getting up and walking around for a few minutes. My dad always said, stop, think, collect your wits.

  7. I have. It normally means I’m burning out. I take a few vacation days, and it always helps.

  8. When I feel like I am falling down on the job I slow down and regroup. It is also good to take a walk outside and take in nature and calm your thoughts.

  9. I definitely have days when I feel that way! It can be so stressful. My daughter is great about helping me out when that happens. We’ll go out for some coffee and talk about everything that’s been weighing me down.

  10. I do almost every day at my work. Sometimes it’s just a matter of stepping back and recognizing what’s so important that it’s going to cause anxiety or not.

  11. I have a pep talk with myself. I tell myself that I can do this and get the job done. Then I pray.

  12. I need to make sure I get enough sleep and self care. That helps me to stay on top of things in my job.

  13. I definitely can relate to feeling I’m falling down on the job. I never thought about how I actually cause myself undo stress and anxiety by doing this. I guess the first step to fixing something, is to recognize it. Thanks for helping me to see this is a different light.

  14. I find reading the Bible and praying is what holds me up. We are all broken is many ways and fall down on the job continually . Thankfully Jesus knows just how to put us back together . You curb that feeling by talking to your own heart . Jesus said , ” Do not LET your heart be troubled , Don’t LET it be afraid . Christians are commanded to cast all our cares on the Lord and he promises to sustain us . Jesus never despises the weak . He takes special care for the hurting . He is the good shepherd .

  15. Yup. I keep a list of things I get done, like the opposite of a to-do list. When I get that feeling, I read that list! 🙂
    It’s all about keeping yourself motivated, I think.

  16. Falling down on the job? Every day. Any time I see something that’s on my list to be done, but hasn’t made it to the top yet. I never seem to have that “woohoo” moment when everything is caught up and I can just relax. There is always something else just waiting in the wings for me to do.

  17. Sometimes I feel like I am, but I keep a calendar full of positive words and thoughts and it honestly helps me.

  18. Sometimes… but then I take a few deep breaths, then break my task down to the smallest steps and start knocking them out one by one. This has worked quite well for me.

  19. I work in healthcare so I am feeling very burnt out lately. I am trying to use my PTO now to take vacations to relax and I am exercising every morning to relieve work related stress.

  20. Not really. I always do the best that I can and don’t worry about it. Falling back on hobbies and self care helps.

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