Finding Answers in the Bible

Have you ever looked for the answer to a problem or issue in the bible? Was it easy for you to find? I admit that I have a hard time finding the answers I am looking for sometimes. Other times it just seems to open to the page I need. So what do I do?

Honestly, I turn to Google if there is a specific answer I need. I will search for bible passages about whatever it is. That helps narrow it down and it works many times for me. If it is something bigger, then I speak with my priest.

I go into the church and spend some time discussing my problem or issue and tell him I’m having a difficult time finding the answers or comfort that I need. Sometimes he will advise me of passages to read. He always gives some insight on the issue. I’m thankful that I feel comfortable enough to talk with him.

I know some people aren’t comfortable talking about their issues with their priest (or whatever it is that you call them.) I suggest that you find someone in your church who you are comfortable with. I wasn’t the first time I went to my priest for an issue but it got easier over time. I needed answers that I felt only he could give me and he did.

Of course another method is just bringing the problem to God. In my prayers I will tell God what it is that I need help with. Even if it is simply needing help finding extra work. I bring it all to God regardless of who else I ask for help with. I tell God about it and thank him for the help he gave me or will give me.

Maybe go to your favorite bible verse or verses. They are your favorites for a reason. There is something about that verse or verses that you like, that brings you some comfort and maybe a little comfort is all you need at the moment.

When all else fails just randomly open the bible and begin reading. You never know what you will discover in your reading. Maybe you will find the answer to your problem. Maybe you will simply be able to clear your mind enough to think more rationally about your problem. Sometimes we get so hung up on the issue that we don’t realize the answer is right in front of us.

I spend time reading the bible every day so that I can immerse myself in my relationship with God as well as to have a fresh, clear start to the day. When problems arise during the day I take the time to find the answer I need in the bible or through one of the other methods I discussed. Finding those answers through the bible and God brings me a joy that I can’t explain. It brings me a peace that I need in my life. Sometimes the verse I discover isn’t the one I thought I wanted but always turns out to be the one I needed.

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  1. This is something that I am beginning to do for comfort as well. It seems there is always a helpful answer there somewhere! There is hope, grace, and real love in God!

  2. I really like that statement about the verse you were looking for and found another verse and that is the verse you really needed. I love when that happen. Shows me God is present with me and he knows what I truly need. I do the same thing with Google. I will remember part of verse and I just go searching on google then I go look up the scripture in my Bible.

  3. I’ma little late in life in studying the Bible, but the older I get the more it makes sense and the more I look it to it. I hope to be literate in it one of these days. Until then, I look for guidance from others who do have more understanding and insight.

  4. I remember going through some tough struggles and wanted to become other than I was and be mean as the other person was. And I remember hearing a voice telling me to wait and to remember that if I wanted to know how to live, to read the word. God has got it all in control and so it calmed me down and I focused on worship and prayer instead.

  5. I never thought about Googling bible verses depending on the problem I’m having. Thank you so much for this!!! I will be using that from now on. I’ve always had issues with reading the bible because I get upset about certain things and I don’t understand others. Great advice, so thank you…and God bless!

  6. I’ve found the randomly opening the Bible method to be suprisingly effective. It’s really quite amazing how often God knows what you are struggling with and has the answer if you are just willing to look.

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