Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week and I have been taking the week off to enjoy the holiday. Well, to prep for the holiday and then enjoy it. In fact, right now I am knee deep in baking and will have to have a trip to the grocery store either today or tomorrow.

I am hoping to get there today because tomorrow is going to be crazy! I am working towards planning food that will help me not overeat but know that I need to not deprive myself wither. I am also planning to walk a little more over the next few days.

It’s important that I lan ahead of time for these things because I know that I will get too busy. Being that busy will mean I will overlook things. I’m not doing all the cooking this year which means less taste testing which is a good thing.

I am the worst about tasting everything that I make and during the holidays I bake a lot. I’m getting better at not tasting as much but how can I know if I got it right? Anyway, y’all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe if you go out shopping on Friday.

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