How to Create Daily Habits without Restrictions

How to Create Daily Habits without Restrictions - GFMI

Choosing to live a more intuitive life where you listen to your body and its needs instead of trying to control everything is an amazing first step to being healthy and balanced. A great way to start incorporating this into your life is by creating daily healthy habits that will improve your wellness without including any type of restriction.

Choose Your Habits and Routines Wisely

When it comes to being intuitive, you want your daily habits and routines to be about improving your health, happiness, and wellness, but not restrictions. This means you are not making any rules about your habits or creating habits that are going to change your body in some way, and are instead for a fuller, healthier life.

Do you want to drink water in the morning to hydrate your body, or because it helps you to go longer without eating breakfast? This is a subtle difference, but your motivations behind your healthy habits make all the difference.

Categorize Your New Habits

Once you have written down some healthy habits you want to implement into your life, put them into different categories.

This might be hygiene, nutrition, movement, self-care, learning, and so many more categories. What this does is not only let you see the big picture by seeing how balanced your different habits are, but you will also use this to determine which to start with.

Focus on One Category of Habits at a Time

Don’t try to change everything at once, or you will quickly get overwhelmed and give up. This is a very common mistake people make when they are trying to make changes in their life. If you have 10 new habits on your list, you should not be adding 10 new habits on the first day. An easy way to go slow is choose all the habits in one category, and implement those first.

Stop What Isn’t Working for You

What have you found isn’t quite working out when you added some new habits? Do you have old habits that are no longer serving you? This is a great time to get rid of them. This can be something you have been doing for a while but aren’t seeing benefits from, a bad habit you didn’t realize you were doing, or something you started recently but found has actually hindered your happiness, instead of improving it.


How to Create Daily Habits without Restrictions

Following just a few simple steps, you can create a daily habit that you stick with. It is easier than you think. I struggled with this when I first began an intuitive lifestyle. Now it is second nature and I can’t imagine how I managed it before.

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