Moving Your Body Without Rules

Moving Your Body Without Rules- Featured at GFMI

When you are living an intuitive life it is more than just intuitive eating in fact it includes exercise as well. This was difficult for me at first but with a few of these ideas I was able to start moving my body and actually listening to my intuition when it came to exercise.

Start With What You Already Know

Starting within my comfort zone with the workouts I knew I enjoyed made this a breeze. I don’t just mean the one that you are used to in your routine, but the ones you actually want to do, regardless of how many calories they burn or what muscle groups they target.

You already have an idea of the workouts that are fun for you to do, and the ones you force yourself to do. This can be the difference between running on the treadmill for the calorie burning, and going for a walk around your neighborhood because it releases endorphins and is great exercise.

Get Rid of the Rigid Rules

This was the easiest thing for me. I hated rules when it came to some of this. and yes, even you have rules. You might not be aware of them, but they are there. This might be always doing yoga in the morning no matter how you feel, making sure you do a HIIT workout after a night out with friends, or requiring a certain number of minutes of cardio or weight training on specific days.

Think about what motivates you to move your body, and what you are thinking about when you do. Do you go to yoga class every week because you like it, or because you have been doing it for so long it’s just habit? Do you have it in your head that you must do cardio every day to burn calories or is that trip to the gym just for your health?

Put a Pause on Challenges and Programs

Later down the line when you are more in tune with your body, you can add fun workout challenges back in, but for now take a break.

Fitness challenges and programs are great when you need a little structure and motivation, but that structure can quickly turn into a set of rules for you to follow. Until you are more in tune with your body, it is best to do something else.

Keep Trying New Things

The great thing about being an intuitive exerciser is that you get to try new things, even if they don’t fit your “workout program”. Now you have the freedom to move your body in any way you want, from Pilates and elliptical workouts, to taking a new dance class or bringing a friend to go for a hike.


Moving Your Body Without Rules

Learning to move without rules to be more intuitive about it is not an easy. At least it wasn’t for me. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be that way for you. With a few new habits you can get there.

If you are thinking about living an intuitive lifestyle or already do we would love to know your thoughts about it. Please leave them in the comments below.

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