My Mental Health Goals

Just like with any other part of my life I have goals for my mental health. Goals that aren’t always easy to achieve but I set them none the less. They are more overall goals rather than year resolutions or anything of that nature.

Be Active

This is one of my biggest goals. Since I have depression and anxiety I have found that on the days when I am active they don’t seem as bad. Being active makes me feel better although I admit not every day. There are some days when I am out walking that I have to remind myself why I am doing it. I have to force myself to take another step because all I really want to do is crawl back into the bed.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries and saying no is difficult for me. I always feel that if I say no then I am upsetting someone. The same in true for my work. I will respond to an email where someone asks for a quote and then they respond back with this crazy low price they will pay.

There is one such company that always emails me and asks then says they only pay X amount. Which is honestly less than a cup of coffee. I get so frustrated because if they only pay that why ask my rates anyway. Then I worry that I will be missing out on any sort of pay if say no but am I lowering my standard and morals by saying yes. After talking with some other bloggers I have discovered they will pay more but they do their best to get the lowest amount first. I’m all for negotiating prices but sometimes I get frustrated. I have to set boundaries and say this is the line in the sand that I won’t cross. That I won’t allow others to cross either.

Acknowledge My Feelings

It’s easy to push aside how I am feeling over something and say it is just my mental illness rearing its head. I make an effort to acknowledge each of my feelings and know they have value. Whether they are good or bad. I have to accept they are my feelings and it is okay to not feel them but to express them. I used to hide whenever I was angry or upset. It seemed to never get me anywhere and would always make whomever angrier with me. I thought it was easier to just swallow those feelings and pretend everything was okay.

That ate at me until I felt as though I was drowning. I believe that was one of the major causes of my suicide attempts and thoughts. After all my feelings weren’t important enough to hear or express. It made me feel less than a person.

Those are my top three goals. I have smaller ones that I work on each day but those three are the ones I struggle with the most. They are the ones written in my calendar and my journal as must do everyday. They are my most important one at the moment. Who knows maybe this time next year they won’t be that important because I will have tackled them.

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  1. I think the “Be Active” goal is the most important for me. I try to get outside, even just to check on my garden. I walk on my treadmill every day. These are good goals to keep in mind.

    1. Thank you Kelly. For me being active everyday is difficult. Like you I attempt to just get outside once every day. I feel so much better when I do. It is easy to spend the entire day in the house and before you know it you have spent a week in there without getting out into the sunshine.

    1. That can help. For me when I get too distracted I end up letting my mental health slip. I take a few minutes everyday just to ask myself how I am doing. I make sure I am honest in my answer. If I feel like I’m slipping or not doing well I will make an extra appointment with my therapist so we can talk about what’s going on.

  2. I’ve never thought to make mental goals, but I like it. I think my kiddo already does this. They make weekly goals and creates them every Sunday night and looks at her planner every morning.

  3. This is inspiring! I think that recognizing and allowing feelings in is hard, as we tend to want to push them away all the time.

  4. I absolutely think that setting mental health goals is equally as important as physical goals. I definitely feel better during the warm and hot months than the colder ones. I think that even though I really, really hate the cold I need to find a reason to get outside at those times of the year. It isn’t the answer to all aspects of my mental health, but being active and getting fresh air each day is a help.

    1. If being outside and active helps you mentally then I say go for it. I know you aren’t crazy about the colder months and maybe you don’t need to exercise outside during that time. Maybe talk a cup of hot cocoa or coffee (or whatever) and just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. I do that sometimes when it is cold. I sit out there and just soak in the joy of being outside. I like to do it early in the morning before anyone is awake. It gives a chance to catch my breathe before the business of the day begins.

  5. These are great goals. I need to be more active. They say it makes you feel better. Thanks for posting!

  6. Great Goals. Goals are so important. I find, especially more so in these times… it is so important to keep an eye on our mental health. Having a routine, staying active, having alone time for yoga or meditation, healthy food choices and taking time for reading or journaling are all great things to think about.

    1. You are so right Doreen. Mental health is important everyday but it is most important right now. It is far too easy to allow ourselves to fall apart and let our mental health go.

  7. These are all wonderful goals. I do miss being able to take dance classes with COVID and then I’ve been sick (not COVID, but lung issues), so it’s harder to get moving. I’m trying to do other things to keep my spirits up though and trying to connect with people as much as I can.


    1. I’m so sorry you have been sick Laura but thrilled to know it wasn’t Covid. Just do what you can to stay connected without compromising your health.

  8. When I’m feeling a bit down (which is more often these days) I find taking my dog for a walk lifts me up a bit. Sometimes a chance in scenery is what I need and it’s good exercise.

    1. Sometimes just that little bit is all we need Susan. Everyone, especially now, needs to take a little time each day and get a change of scenery. I know it’s difficult in some places. However, if nothing else take a moment to walk around your yard. If you don’t have a yard just go outside for a small amount of time right near your home. Please do so safely. Getting that fresh air helps so much.

  9. I struggle with this too… when I feel like depression is choking me, the immediate thing I find I can do to breathe again is to change my physical environment. Leave the room, if I’m hot make myself cold or vice versa, go inside if I’m outside, etc. The worst part of chronic depression in the moment is feeling like I just cannot change it. Changing what I can change is a small assertive step toward reclaiming myself. ♡

    1. I could not agree with you more Kathryn. Depression can be soul sucking but finding the tool(s) that work for you can make all the difference in the world.

  10. This is great! I struggle with my mental health at times, so I am very glad to have found your blog. I love your goals!

  11. Sure is good to have mental health goals, I been struggling a lot lately, but I think it is still important to try.

    Come what may, I’ll do my best. I can’t be certain of anything.

  12. I suffered with mental illness for over 15 years before I finally reached out for help. I now go for counselling once per month, which has helped me get my life back. Apparently, I was a master at hiding my symptoms because not even my husband or our two children, who are now adults, ever suspected that I was struggling so badly at keeping things normal. I am so thankful that I have an awesome counselor and family and finally I am facing my issues and learning to live with them.

  13. I think people need to be encouraged to acknowledge and accept their feelings as valid. How you are feeling is important and should be respected. Having to stuff down our feelings to make others more comfortable is not the way to go. It’s a great thing to have goals like this. We need to talk about it more and educate others more to get rid of the stigma.

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