New Goals & Resolutions

It’s a new year and time for all those pesky goals and resolutions that will most likely be gone by the end of the month. That sounded cynical didn’t it? I’m not really that cynical and I can tell you that I have every intention of doing my best to accomplish each one of my goals this year.


My biggest goal for my fitness is to ensure that I am working out each and every day in some capacity. It is still the one thing I struggle with. I am hoping that I will be walking without breathing heavy by the end of the year as well. As far as the fitness part of the blog I am hoping to bring y’all more of my journey and provide you with information that will help you in your own fitness journey.


This one is a little easier. This year I intended to read through the entire bible again. I will share with you my reading plan and more at some point I promise. It’s been a while since I read the bible all the way through and I just felt that this was the year to do it. I will continue to work on my relationship with God and bring you information that will you build your relationship with him as well. I am also planning on meditating a little more each day to help bring me closer to God.


For my mental health I want to stay on track and continue to move forward. I plan to remember that it is okay to feel the way I do and that no one can invalidate them. I am a strong woman who will overcome my past and manage my mental health. This is the year that I out my mental health first and move other things further down the line. I can’t achieve anything if my mental health is compromised in any way.


I have a few other little goals such as being sure to include more self care in my weekly schedule. To try more new recipes this year than I have in the past and little things like that. I have a couple of small projects that I want to accomplish this year too. Those are projects that I will be sharing on the other blogs and such.




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  1. I am planning to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight in 2021. I would also like to get some of my home organization and home renos completed.

  2. I think we all always have the same goals. To be healthier. To be more organized. To be kinder to our fellow man. To be the better version of ourselves. I make my goals every year and every year beat myself up when I fall short. This year my goal is to try harder not to fall as short. I just need to be the best me I can be.

  3. My new years resolution is to walk more, now I’m at 10,000 steps per day but slowly I want to increase that and by the end of the year I want to be at 20,000 steps

  4. Well, I’m trying to stick to this…this time! I need to get somewhat healthier. I don’t mean get “skinny” or lose weight to look good. I just want to feel better by moving more and eating better. God willing, I am on my way!

  5. My 2021 goal is to start a new career. Also I want to take more time for myself and take better care of my overall health. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  6. My new years resolutions are to get my life back on track by:
    a) making back money I was scammed out of last year
    b) become more financially savvy to aim towards financial independence
    c)get back into my intense exercise routines to return to a good form of fitness
    d) to read more books and listen to more podcasts
    e) to get control of my sleeping habits
    f) to be able to stick to overly ambitious goals

  7. My New Years resolution is to feel healthy by doing things to become healthy.
    *Drink more water
    *Take daily vitamins
    *Exercise regularly (30 mins per day at least)
    *Cut out more sugar & sodas
    *Eat less process foods.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    1. My New Year Resolution is to lose at least 50lbs. Not only for medical issues I started having having baby #6, but to also be a better role model for my kids. I hope to do this by being healthier. Exercise more and eat healthier. Happy Bew Year!

  8. There are some serious things going on in my life that right now I’m just taking it day by day but my hope would be to find a job I’m able to do that provides for my needs and a safe place to live.

  9. My goals for this year/now are to continue organizing the things I’ve yet to get done. Clutter and messes cause me stress and waste my time having to look for items. I also am looking at relationships that I see red flags and make excuses for them in dismissing them. They aren’t good for me in pursuing Gods will for my life. Also increase workouts and eating healthier to feel better in all areas of my life.

  10. My goals this year include getting rid of things that I no longer use, drinking more water, and getting plenty of sleep.

  11. stop overthinking, realise I have no control at times, and get up off the couch and do some excercise – gym or no gym – pandemic or no pandemic

  12. My goal is to start exercising and eating and drinking better, I started Herbalife and a Keto diet and so far so good!

  13. My new years resolution is to finally spend time with my mom who is working from home now and let her bond with my baby! Thank you for the opportunity! Happy new year everyone!

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