Practicing Self Care When Depressed

Practicing Self Care When Depressed- GFMI

Self care for those with depression can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish. When depression flares or strikes self care is the last thing you want to even think about. For me I am lucky to get out of the bed when my depression flares up. One of the biggest culprits for not taking care of myself when my depression flares is work. I will use work as an excuse in that I need to get whatever done so I don’t have time for self care. Although I will admit work suffers though when my depression is at its worst.

A Set Time

One thing that I have found that helps not only when depression is bad but all the time is to have a set time for self care. Every single day I have a time set in my planner for my daily self care. Now it can be exercising, meditating, taking a walk, anything. The point is that I have the time set and stick to it. That way I can’t use work as an excuse.

A Toddler

Someone once told me to treat myself like a toddler when it came to my own self care. I was taken aback by that but after giving it some thought I realized they were right. We have no problem taking care of everyone else around us but tend to forget about ourselves. When we are dealing with toddlers we think about what they need and get it or do it for them. When we think of ourselves in that same matter we tend to take better care of ourselves.


Practicing Self Care When Depressed

Practicing self care when you are depressed in not an easy thing to do. Many times you don’t care enough to even brush your help. With a little bit of determination and the tips above you can manage to taken care of yourself as well as manage your depression when it flares up.

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