Really God?

That is the question I asked when I felt compelled to start a new blog. I mean, I already have two other fairly successful blogs. I am so busy as it is, so how in the world was I going to find time to start yet another blog. It just didn’t seem possible. However, God just would not let it go. He just kept getting more persistent and more persistent. So I told him I would gladly start a new blog if he made some things possible. I wasn’t negating with him, I just felt that to find the time and energy I needed to work out some other things. 

The next issue was what in the world was I supposed to write about. In the shower that night I got the name of the blog; God, Fitness, & Mental Illness. I mean again, really God? I write about faith and fitness at Rita Reviews. God was adamant, though. I purchased the domain name and then nothing else.

Get Started

God kept pushing me to get started. Start writing, don’t worry about all the other things. There is so much that goes into creating a blog. Not just writing. That is what I kept telling him. I mean, I would need a logo, a theme, and the list was like two pages long. I could just start writing articles, but there would be no direction. I asked God did he know what that would do to my OCD, my anxiety? It would drive me crazy. I needed to pull it together without affecting my illness. Failure would send me into a tailspin as it had in the past.

God’s Response

The next day minor things happened. I got a notification from one of my favorite theme designers that they had a theme on sale for $10. That was a great price, and I loved the theme. The same day I got notifications from my hosting company about a special on new hosting. All right God, I made those purchases figuring the other things on my list would take forever. I would wait and see how those things happened. If at all. 

Later in the week I received some extra work that would pay for a logo and an email about logos from my favorite designer. It was just a newsletter, but I thought I would look. I found the logo you see at the top of the page. I had wanted to add a little color to my Rita Reviews color palette and redo my Wickedly Romance one. I wasn’t happy with them. Looking around on Macaroons and Mimosas website I found two new logos that I fell in love with. However, they weren’t in my budget. I told God I wouldn’t start a new blog until I could be happy with those blogs.

More From God

So what did God do? He gave me a rather large contract that paid for the fresh look on all of my blogs. He provided a way for me to do what he wanted. So, here we are. I could afford the new blog and the other things I had on my list. I’m talking within two weeks of feeling the pull to do this. Now, I needed to set a calendar and begin writing articles. I thought planning those would be difficult. The first day I sat down I had a list of three articles a week until August just pour out of me. 

Not Perfect

Not everything on my starting a blog checklist is finished. There are several minor things that I still need to take care. Things that need to get taken care of. However, the blog is up and running. I have a few weeks of posts written and scheduled.  Working behind the scenes and on social media is happening a little each day. It didn’t take over my life the way it would have at one time in the past.

I know that I want to be honest on this blog. Not that I am not on the other two, but I write Rita Reviews with families in mind. I shy away from some topics there or don’t discuss them as in depth as I would like. Wickedly Romance is all about books. Here I will be open with y’all about my mental illness. The things I do to live with it. The things I try as I work on my fitness and health. Also, I will be honest about my relationship with God. The good, the bad, and the “I can’t believe that came out of my brain (and mouth.)”

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  1. Your new blog is meant to be:) mental illness is a very interesting topic, and I recommend a book called The Great Pretender about the evolution of the treatment and diagnosis of mental illness and its perception

  2. I am really challenged to develop sincere and heartfelt forgiveness for persons who I feel wronged me. I appreciate the reminder.

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