Welcome! My name is Rita and I’m so grateful you’re here!

 I have been blogging for a number of years. This is actually my third blog. One I wasn’t sure I wanted to even write but I knew I needed to write about my own mental illness. If I could touch and help just one person with the things I go through then I will call this blog a success.

One of the biggest questions I have had so far is why am I not showing my face here. Honestly because, for me, it is easier to share some of the uglier stories of my struggle. It gives me a freedom that having people look at me I wouldn’t have. I’m not ashamed of my struggles it’s just I’ve been ridiculed in the past.

Anxiety is when you care too much about everything. Depression is when you don’t care enough about anything. Having both is just like hell.

I have mental illness and while I do alright most days there are days when it all falls apart. Add in my struggles with both my faith and my fitness and you have a hot mess. That is one of the biggest reasons I created God, Fitness and Mental Illness. Here I will be as real and honest as possible. You won’t get that smiling, everything is fine and full of sunshine facade that I put on most of the time.

If you have followed me on my other blogs you may now be wondering if they are fake since I just said I put on a smiling façade. They aren’t but I will admit there are times I am super cheery over there when I don’t feel that way. It’s just part of writing. Everything I share there is the real me, but here you get the raw me.