Setting A Regular Workout Schedule

One of the biggest problems I have had to overcome with fitness is setting a regular schedule and routine. Without that, I will skip doing anything. With my schedule, I know how long I will work out each day. The routine is still being perfected, but it’s something I am working on. While I’m certain my schedule isn’t correct, it is what I do. For me, I am inhibited by both mental and physical difficulties. I thought I would share what my week looks like at the moment.

Every Morning

6:30-7:00 am Yoga: I begin with a little of yoga and stretching. I am just back into yoga so this thirty minutes each day helps me stay flexible. It is helping my legs not hurt so much at night. I don’t know for sure that is the yoga, but I’m hoping. Before, because of the arthritis and damage from an accident when I was nineteen, my legs were in constant pain. I developed arthritis when I was ten years old so that pain is one I have lived with for several years. The accident created an additional pain that I had to learn to live with. One ankle and most of the leg is nothing more than rods and pins. The ankle swells and some nights I cry it hurts so bad. That pain is a little less now.

7:00-7:30 am Run/Walk: Daylight breaks around seven so I head out for my run/walk. I’m attempting to become a runner, but there are moments when I end up walking. I’m taking it a day at a time and feel that as long as I get out there and do it, I’m good. Don’t worry, I’m not running every single day. I rotate the running with walking. So if I run one day, I walk the next and so on.

7:30-8:00 am Daily Whatever: Each day I do something a little different. Like strength or cardio or whatever. I can’t do most of it every day or I wouldn’t be able to walk. It’s more manageable this way.

Mondays: Upper body Strength – This is the day I use barbells and dumbbells to strengthen my upper body. Trust me when I tell you this is a magnificent thing, and it works. I’ve seen some improvement in my arms since I started doing this. Give your muscles a rest, like 48 hours, between strength training, which is why the upper and lower is divided into two days.

Tuesdays: Lower Body Strength – Just like the day before, I use weights and such to strength my lower body.

Wednesdays: Swimming- I swim when I can. Normally, I got to the local YMCA or the state park int he summer. Because of the pandemic, I haven’t been able to do that, so I’ve been doing some light cycling. While visiting my brother, I just swim in his pool. 

Fridays: Full Body Strength: Gotta build those muscles. Okay the truth is I need a full body day because I suck at most of the strength training and I’m working to get better.

Saturdays: I run longer. I don’t always get the full hour in but I do my best to come as close to it as I can.

Thursdays and Sundays: I just do my morning stuff. I typically hurt too much to put those days in. 

Any day that I don’t think I can finish a workout, I don’t. I don’t push myself too hard. I know I need to push myself harder. I am doing my best to complete each day as it comes but I’ve stopped beating myself up over not finishing a workout. In the past, not finishing would have sent my depression into a tailspin.




Welcome to God, Fitness, & Mental Illness. I struggled with mental illness, fitness, and faith most of my life. Not having a "voice" or outlet made it all the more difficult. Then in 2020 I decided to be somewhat anonymous and start GFMI about it all. It was so freeing because it allows me to share all the ugliness and inspire others.

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  1. Heather S wrote:

    I have to schedule first thing in the morning to get it done. If I wait I tend to make an excuse not to exercise.

    Posted 8.4.20 Reply
    • Rita wrote:

      That is me most days. I do it when I know I have the will to do it and don’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse.

      Posted 8.5.20 Reply