Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

One of things I am attempting to do here is join more giveaway hops. Before I do anything else I need to offer my thanks to The Mommy Island, and  The Kids Did It for hosting this particular giveaway hop. I am more than certain that y’all will love it.

I decided that I would give away pretty much the same thing on all of my blogs just so I could give everyone multiple chances of winning. I know that money is tight right now for most people and with the holidays coming we all need all the help we can get.

So when I was in the position to earn some extra money knew I would be taking that money and using in a giveaway or two. That is where the $100 Amazon Gift Card comes in. It is the perfect gift to give. The winner can use it to purchase gifts or stocking stuffers or use it as a stocking stuffer itself. Normally, I send my winners an eGift card but if the winner decided they would like an actual card they can let me know and I will have one sent that way.

That way if you are using it as a gift you don’t have to print anything, you can get an actual card in the mail and give it. I will include a gift box as well if the winner so wants. Just a little something extra to help make the holidays brighter.



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Take the time now to hop on over to all the other blogs taking part in the hop. Good Luck if you entered any of those giveaways. PLEASE remember that each blog is responsible for the managing of their own giveaway and prize.


  1. We’re pretty much going ahead as usual. Decorating, baking, dropping off gifts to friends and family. there are some new things we were hoping to mix in, but maybe next year.

  2. It will be low-key, as always…just the kids and grandkids. Good food, lots of laughs.

  3. We’ll start decorating indoors and out after the Thanksgiving holiday.

  4. I’m taking it easy. This year has been tough. We don’t start decorating until right after Thanksgiving.

  5. It will be just like any other year. Trying to start to shop now and will decorate after Thanksgiving.

  6. Personally I would love to skip the holidays and go straight to spring. No plans are definite yet this year

  7. preparing our usual thanksgiving foods and passing them out to the different households

  8. i dont really prepare, and i regret it every year!

  9. I just put up our decorations. Other than that, no plans really. Staying home with the hubs – low-key holiday season for us!

  10. I’m currently putting up decorations and deciding what gifts to get. I hope to have all my gifts bought before December 1st.

  11. We will be putting up our decorations soon. Getting ready for some small get togethers with family and working to make sure it is a happy time for our children.

  12. We are trying to find safe activities that help us feel excited.

  13. I already decorated the Christmas tree with the help of my daughter because she wanted to. We are also buying the food for our dinner whenever we get groceries.

  14. I’m decorating, I’m making sure I’m prepping for future gifts and family get-togethers (small ones), and I’m staying healthy!

  15. No big plans this year. We are keeping it small and safe as possible.

  16. We will put up a tree and some decorations, but nothing major.

  17. Planning out the decorations and baking I will be doing

  18. We are preparing for the holidays by decorating the house, baking cookies, and watching movies. We are going to keep things small this year and I plan to get tested for the virus the week before Thanksgiving and Christmas if at all possible to ensure that I don’t have it as I would love to have my grandma and aunt come over for dinner. I don’t want to put anyone’s health at risk this holiday season, but I sure do miss spending time with my family.

  19. I’m preparing by finishing up buying the major presents. Next comes cards, wrapping gifts, baking and decorating in that order.

  20. We plan on getting a real Christmas tree on Black Friday and I have already started wrapping presents! I still have to buy something for my Dad.

  21. We’ll decorate inside and outside after Thanksgiving.

  22. I haven’t really thought about it yet.

  23. We are keeping it pretty low key this year. We’ll put up a tree and maybe get together with just a few close relatives.

  24. I am getting all my presents organized.

  25. I am keeping it small this year and buying mostly from mail order gift basket companies.

  26. not preparing much we are staying home and having a quiet christmas

  27. I’m being pretty low-key so far. I have been shopping a lot online and I’m getting excited to decorate.

  28. I’m not doing too much yet. I hope to have a half way normal holiday with my family. My 4 grandchildren are still excited about them.

  29. We will be having a quiet Christmas this year. I have not started preparing yet and I plan to do the majority of my shopping online.

  30. We are shopping early this year to avoid crowds & covid. We are also shopping more local small businesses & online.

  31. I’m not really planning yet….

  32. There will be no shopping this year, just gift cards.

  33. I will be planning for a quiet holiday at home because I don’t think it will be safe to travel to visit family.

  34. I have already wrapped 90% of what I have at home. I still have to purchase for 2 families and send gifts. So I’m doing pretty good!

  35. I am preparing by shopping early and making lists.

  36. I usually don’t prepare for the holidays until a few days before Thanksgiving. 2 of my kids & my hubby all have birthdays in November so I’m busy with that. After the 22nd though it’s holiday season for me!

  37. I have already started my Christmas shopping because I want to miss the the holiday shopping crowds

  38. We will be keeping it pretty simple this year. Will start decorating the day before Thanksgiving.

  39. Doing what I do every year cooking for the ones here at home and sleeping. There’s five of now.

  40. I am doing a lot of online shopping for the holidays this year.

  41. Saving up money to buy gifts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. We will have small holiday celebrations this year with just immediate family. We are planning to decorate early this year to hopefully bring a little cheer.

  43. Preparing a little early so the stress won’t pile on later. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  44. With the virus ramping up again we are staying home for Thanksgiving this year.
    I have also started my Christmas shopping on line.

  45. I am getting all my shopping done early.

  46. I am just keeping it small, very close family , just sad is all.

  47. I’m not preparing. Nothing to prepare for. Sigh.

  48. I’ve already put the tree up, because we need something pretty to see.

  49. i have not planned anything yet

  50. shopping early! 🙂

  51. I really want to do most of my shopping online and am just trying to figure out what I need to order.

  52. I havent done much – but will prob set up the tree right after Christmas and thats about it this year.

  53. I’m mentally preparing as my dad will be in the hospital having a bone marrow transplant. Its going to be a rough one, but I have hope ❤

  54. We’re not doing anything this year. We’re probably just going to put up some lights and a tiny Christmas tree. That’s it..

  55. We aren’t sure if our relative out of state will come this year. But I’m going to decorate inside and out and have our daughter and family in for dinner IF everyone is healthy!

  56. I will decorate some but that’s about all I’m doing this year.

  57. I’m preparing about the same as last year for the holidays, maybe spending less money this year. We’re keeping it low key and probably not travelling. We will still enjoy good food, though. Hopefully, we all stay healthy.

  58. We are putting up decorations

  59. We’ll be starting to decorate next weekend, right before Thanksgiving. We’re having only immediate family over this year. I started a little shopping online and will probably do most online this year.

  60. I mainly plan to just be together with family.

  61. Going to be a very quiet holiday with just immediate family and no one traveling

  62. Doing just a little decorating. Mostly just planning on staying in & avoiding people.

  63. I;m getting ready to put a wreath on the door. Big whoop. 2020 ugh

  64. I have been prepping by slowly buying a gift here and there for the holidays and stocking up on grocery items when really cheap (49 cent veggies!) to afford more for a turkey so we can have leftovers.

  65. not doing much this year

  66. It’s going to be a very small holiday gathering for us.

  67. Haven’t made any plans since we are under a two week plus quarantine!

  68. I am just going to have a nice holiday home with the hubby and kids.

  69. This holiday is going to be very different. No gatherings but I’ll drop off gifts to family members. I’ll be shopping online very soon.

  70. It will just be our family for both holidays this year. We need to stay safe. I’m doing all of my shopping online.

  71. Freezing cookie dough and fudge. Getting a head start on holiday baking.

  72. I bought a plane ticket to go see my dad in Arizona

  73. I have done just a bit of shopping. Going to be so different this year. So sad!

  74. I am starting Christmas shopping this month.
    Sending only a few Christmas cards.
    Will start decorating my apt later this month.

  75. We are starting to put the Christmas decorations up this weekend. We need to try to buy gifts.

  76. I am starting to buy a few things here & there!

  77. I’m making sure the family is alright and doing some light and safe celebrations.

  78. I am prepaing by giving my home a good cleaning before I put out all of my decorations.

  79. Stocking up on sale items so I am prepared.

  80. Planning the Thanksgiving menu now, and doing some online Christmas shopping. Christmas decorating will start the day after Thanksgiving!

  81. I’ve been trying to get all my shopping done earlier this year so to not be as stressed out.

  82. I have been a bit depressed this year, lost some people I knew to Covid, watched others get sick and struggle, and my anxiety is not at a good place right now for the holidays unfortunately. But I struggle to overcome this challenge, and will be doing some shopping & decorating for the kids and grandkids. It will be a small, intimate holiday with just immediate family but that is ok by me. Wishing you a good holiday as well.

  83. Im learning how to master video chat and zoom.

  84. We are baking holiday cookies and decorating for Christmas after we celebrate Thanksgiving.

  85. Have not started preparations yet.

  86. I am baking goodies that we are shipping off to elderly relatives.

  87. You are always so generous in your giving, thank you. I haven’t personally won but I have a chance when I enter and you make someone’s day much brighter.
    I am planning to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I will purchase my daughters and immediate family gifts and I so enjoy giving. As you stated most people have a limited budget for gifts, myself included, therefore I try to buy what the person will use and like. That makes my gifts somewhat challenging but possible. I keep my main focus above and He works everything out as it should be. Thanks again for your generosity.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Be sure that you watch the blogs after the first of the year. I’ve been saving for a little while to bring 3 huge giveaways.

  88. It will just be me and my husband.

  89. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    November 19, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    I am preparing by trying to knock out renovations at our new house before we move in. I need a few rooms done so we can move in furniture and I can decorate our tree!

  90. Everyone is focusing on resting and relaxing this year, doing as much hiking as we can

  91. Pretty much all shopping will be done online. It’s probably going to be just me and hubby this year

  92. We still have not made a Thanksgiving plan.

  93. Well, it’s actually going to be easy! We’re not going anywhere and nobody is coming over to us. We want to be as safe as we possibly can. I truly wish everyone would do this, but oh well. God bless everyone!

  94. Mostly making sure that I started Christmas shopping early, especially since it’s being done almost entirely online. Shipping will only get worse. Besides that, I don’t have a ton going on for the holidays with COVID and all that.

  95. I haven’t even begun to start planning.

  96. I have a broken leg, so my hubby is doing a bit. We’re waiting for my son to get home from college to go full steam ahead.

  97. I have started to make a gift list, but that is about I have done in preparation for Christmas this year! I hope you have a lovely and safe holiday season!

  98. Not doing anything this year due to Covid

  99. This year I am only worried about the kid.

  100. i started shopping early this year

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  102. Buying gifts and sending them to everyone. No traveling this year! 🙂

  103. We are taking it easy and trying to stay at home as much as possible. We like to decorate and bake, but we miss seeing friends and family during the holidays.

  104. I am buying gifts, but staying socially distant from everyone.

  105. As we are in lock down here, with stores being closed, Ive started all my shopping online early to ensure it arrives in time.

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