Trying Yoga Again

Not too long ago, I told everyone how much I hated yoga. I mean, it is difficult for someone of my size to do. Add in my arthritis and it was downright hell. A friend recently told me how much she got out of yoga. How it helped her move more freely, and I thought how about much I wanted to move with that much ease again.

Where to Start

Where in the world do I start? Before I went to a studio, but I don’t want to do that right now. My mother is over 65 which means she still has the shelter in place order and she lives with me. So, I don’t want to bring anything home. That means heading over to the google and figuring out what it is I can do. There are so many programs both free and paid. I haven’t made a decision which one to start. Im weighing the options of a few and will see where I am at int he next day or so. I promise I will share with y’all what it I decide.  

Get Some Gear

I know I need nothing to begin yoga since my body will be what I use the most. My friend told me that if I get some gear and create my space it could help me with following through. She said it helped her.  She suggests that I get a yoga mat since my knees and back can be a problem for me. She also suggests a pair of yoga blocks and a belt or strap. I’m not sure about those yet. I can see needing the mat. I already have a pillow I use for meditation so I don’t need any other cushion.

My Space

Another suggestion was that I create a space for myself. A place to practice my yoga where I felt comfortable and would look forward to it every day. Already I’m not sure about that. I have been meditating in my room and figured it was as good a place as any. She suggested that I select a space where I do nothing else. That doesn’t work in my home so if you can’t find a space like that don’t feel bad. Use what you have to work with. I have a television in there so if I use a streaming class I can watch it and follow again easily. I love that because it won’t disturb anyone else in the house.

Time and Flow

I know I need to schedule time each day for my yoga. I think it is something I will do in the mornings before my day begins. As far as flow goes that is something I will have to work on. I know I will have to try a few different classes to see which instructor works for me. I think that was a problem before. The instructor was just so intense. She was all gun-ho, and I honestly wanted to strangle her. That chick was so perky it made my teeth hurt.

All That’s Left

Now I need to decide and get started. I know I can do this and I’m going into it with a much more open mind. I will give this an honest attempt and if I can’t do it this time, I will say I tried. I will let y’all know how it is going or not. 


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  1. I’m trying a 30 day challenge of various types of yoga and finding one that suits me, after many tries and thinking yoga wasn’t for me.

    1. Oh I would love to know more about that! Maybe that is something I need to give a try. Hot and Goat Yoga are not for me. I don’t get those!

  2. I have been wanting to try yoga but not sure where to begin. Thanks for the article because now I feel like I have a starting point.

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