What the Heck in Chronic Cardio?

I heard this mentioned the other day and I had no idea what it was. Not only that but I couldn’t imagine someone wanting to do this if it was anything like my imagination was making out to be. So I set out to figure out just what it was. So just what is Chronic Cardio?

Chronic cardio refers to long duration steady state training done at 80 to 85% of Max Heart Rate (let’s take me as an example – this would be 158 to 168 heart rate.


That quote above was the best definition I could find. If you are still confused don’t worry I was as well. If you google chronic cardio you will find all sorts of information. Most of it is warning you against it or how bad it is for you.

As someone who most likely only does chronic cardio when eating I can say this is something I don’t have to worry about. It did get wondering though about people who do cardio everyday. I mean those who go out and run everyday most likely don’t feel they are doing anything wrong.

I can remember in high school the kids on the track team ran every single afternoon. I have also seen those who do CrossFit run a lot. I see them around town sometimes and I am always amazed by them. Then there is the chick who run every day here in town regardless of the weather. She is my hero! I don’t know who she is but I have seen her running in the rain. That takes dedication.

All of those people who do this sort of “chronic cardio” can’t be wrong can they? I did run earlier this year and while I felt like I was going to die I won’t say it was bad for me. Difficult? Yes, in every possible way. At least that was how it felt. I can say that I felt better each day after I ran. Okay, after I was able to get my breath back and not have a heart attack. I’m not even trying to funny people! Running was like being in the seven circle of hell for me.

After reading the full article mentioned in the quote above I realized that while I may see people running everyday they aren’t actually doing it every single day. There are plenty of other things they are doing in addition to the running. They may run one day and then do something different.

After all of my reading and searching I have figured out that the best fitness plan is one that is right for you. Discuss the amount of cardio you need to do with your doctor as well as your trainer. Your doctor will let you know what is healthy for you while your trainer will help you meet your goals without hurting yourself.

Chronic cardio is not for me, even if I wanted to do it all the time. My doctor has advised me that cardio a two or three times a week is what my body and heart can handle at this moment. So that is what I stick to. Again, I tried to do more and it wasn’t pretty.

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