Why the Elephant?

When I decided on the new elephant in my logo I didn’t realize a lot of people would ask me why. Why in the world would I select an elephant for this particular site? I could give you a million different reasons but the truth is I just wanted it. Once I saw him I decided that was what I wanted for my logo.

After I started getting questions I did a little research. I found plenty of reasons for using the elephant.


In mental health the elephant is THE symbol in that mental health is the big problem (or elephant) people ignore.


In Fitness it is the symbol of our unconscious and /or emotional mind. That little part of us that tells us we should or shouldn’t eat something. That we should or shouldn’t work out. That little part that many of us want to slap sometimes.


Finally comes faith and God. In Christianity the elephant is the symbol of temperance, chastity, and patience. If I ever needed a little more of anything in my walk with Christ it is those three things. Well, two so those. I don’t need chastity. At my age that is not a problem.

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  1. I did not know the elephant Is a representation of so much. I do like the elephant on your blog and it does seem like an appropriate symbol for this blog. I look forward to each new post.

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